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04 Dec 2022


Over the past 35+ years, Dr Rupa Shah has enabled many patients across the world to reverse their lifestyle related diseases like diabetes, high BP, thyroid and autoimmune disorders. She encourages all to adopt holistic lifestyles and wean off medicines. She is passionate about healing people with a plant diet & natural remedies while in their present working conditions & environments.

FOUNDER, circleOhealth

Dr Rupa Shah is a JITO 2018 (Mumbai) award winner for exceptional work in the field of Ahimsa. She has founded a website to reach out to her patients, a broader network of readers, to empower them to reverse lifestyle diseases. She uses cruelty-free medicines for her patients. She also has given talks on a range of topics at seminars across India and abroad

CORE MEMBER, Ahimsa Parmo Dharma Group

The doctor is one of the core members of Ahimsa Parmo Dharma group who is dedicated to inspire people to live a healthy life which is environment-friendly and cruelty-free. This includes giving up all animal products and release animals to their natural environment. We promote a lifestyle in which no animal product like dairy, meat, honey, leather, fur, pearls, teeth or any animal-derived product is consumed. APDG organizes awareness-based events like The Ahimsa Fest and Ahimsa Retreat across Mumbai.

CURATOR,  The Ahimsa Fest 2016, The Ahimsa Festival 2017  & One Earth Festival 2018

As a visionary, Dr Rupa Shah has designed India’s first ahimsa-based festival in 2016 at NM College to create awareness about transforming lifestyles.

This year, she has designed and curated an 18-day festival, which is perhaps the longest running festival based on ahimsa in India. The event was inaugurated by Amruta Fadnavis, wife of Devendra Fadnavis, CM, Maha,  and renowned international author, Will Tuttle, of title, ‘World Peace Diet’ (Lantern Books), an Amazon bestseller.


Dr Rupa Shah has been invited to speak across India and world over. She speaks about the importance of holistic health and how one can take simple steps to make a 360-degree change in one’s lifestyle.


She has published a series of books and periodicals in English, Gujarati & Hindi.  The best selling books are Dairy Alternatives (Eng, Guj & Hindi) and What About My Calcium?.  She has also published a number of informative booklets as well.


One of the USPs of Dr Shah is her ability to connect with her patients on a personal basis. When diagnosing her patients, she can perceive a lingering issue, be it a lifestyle habit, an emotional issue or cumulative effect of stress that is triggering a disease or certain symptoms and enables her patients to overcome those challenges, one step at a time.

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