Dr Rupa Shah threw light on practical steps to take to boost bone health @ VIC 2019.

“Why do we believe that calcium tablets are the solution to all our bone issues?”, quizzed Dr Rupa Shah in her talk on 7 July 2019 to a packed audience at The Suryaa. “There are efficient ways of healing and strengthening your bones”, she stated, to her audience.
Her 30-slide presentation illustrated universally known facts, but oft forgotten principles that the body only recognizes and sources only natural sources of nutrients to build and repair the body. She went on to outline a number of whole food sources that are rich sources of calcium. “These natural foods are bioavailable and so they are easily assimilated within the body. Also, we need to build our bones the same way we care about our complexion and our hair. Right foods must also be bolstered with regular exercises that strengthen the ligaments that support the bones.”
Dr Rupa’s presentation also busted common myths about protein. She stated, “whole plant-based foods offer all the proteins one needs to sustain the body. She shared a list of foods like beans, peas, millets and sprouts that offer high nutritional values to the body.

Summary Of VIC 2019

New Delhi: 5-7 July 2019: The conference room at The Suryaa at the capital was swelling with an audience of over 400 participants. Organized by World Vegan Organization (WVO), founded by Dr Susianto Tseng in Taiwan, it was the 4th edition hosted by Vegan First for the first time in India. The two-day event witnessed about 38 speakers speak at workshops and demos about a range of subjects from film-making to travelling, health and fitness.

The highlights of the conference included globally renowned personalities like Co-Director, Keegan Kuhn of Cowspiracy fame, Seth Tibbott, Founder of Tofurky, Dr Zeeshan Ali, PCRM and Kuntal Joisher, Vegan Mountaineer. Also included was the vegan Expo from 5-7 July, that included entrepreneurs and brands who showcased their vegan products as well at NSIC Grounds, 10 minutes away from the conference venue.