The course launched by Dr BMN College of Home Science and KBHealth will feature 5 experts and will be held daily from 9-14 April 2020.

An online knowledge programme for nutrition graduates organized by Dr BMN College of Home Science will be held online from 9-14 April 2020. The first-of-its-kind course in India, will be held for 3 hours on a daily basis. It will be conducted in collaboration with Kajal Bhatia, Director, Founder Nutritionist, KBHealth & Plant Power, said, “The idea was to make plant based nutrition accessible to all by training the trainers–the Nutritionists themselves.”

The certificate course offers the practical application of plant-based lifestyle on food as medicine. It will enable students to understand the importance of diet & nutrition, and will focus on whole food plant-based nutrition, and the link between diet & lifestyle diseases. The course certificate will be offered on completion of a 21 hours and will be enriched with lectures from leading experts like will be Kajal Bhatia, KBHealth & Plant Power, Senior Nutritionist, Dr Rupa Shah, MBBS & Author, Dr Nitu Bajekal, Gynaecologist (UK), Ankita Ghag, MSc in Clinical Nutritionist & Dietetics and Ila Pathak, Senior Nutritionist, KB Health.

Kajal Bhatia stated, “Plant-based nutrition is no longer tomorrow’s normal. It is the new normal today.” The session will be packed with evidence-based lectures on health and nutrition, recipes and technical details.

The pilot programme of the course was held at BMN College, Matunga, Mumbai, on 21 January 2020.

Course Structure

The course has been designed to give nutritionists an unparalleled knowledge upgrade. The structure and content of the program includes:

  • Introduction to Plant-Based Nutrition
  • Impact of Plant-Based Diets on Health
  • Plant-Based Approach to lifestyle disorder reversal
  • Hands-on experience with a practical session

Details and contact is as shown below.