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01 Feb 2023

Tag: drink

Indian Chai 

Of course you don’t have to give up chai! India’s favourite beverage, the country’s productivity is hinged on regular access to “Kati Chai”.  The beverage is always had piping hot across the year. On a plant-based diet, you can just replace dairy with dairy-free milk. The chai will taste different, but the difference is hardly noticeable.  And if you use almond or cashew milk, the flavour of tea is awesome.

Sol Kadhi 

This drink is and very easy to make. Sol kadhi can be consumed as an appetizer just before meals, during meals with rice, or even as a digestive after meals. It is made from kokums which are soft and coconut milk and very popular in coastal regions of Maharashtra and Goa. ‘Sol’ is also known as kokum in Marathi. It is very good during summer heat as coconut milk has cooling properties. It tastes sour but there is also sweetish taste of coconut milk.